• Exhibition Dates: 2009.12.19 - 12.20

    Exhibition Location:DDM Warehouse , Shanghai

    Exhibited Works: Live performance, Drawing, Painting.



    Live performance




    5'36", PAL, 1920 x 1080, 有声 sound, 彩色 color


    类型 Type

    剧场/单频道录像 Theatre / Single-channel video


    视频版本 Video File Version

    展览版本 Exhibition Copy


    系列 Series

    剧院剧场计划 -Theatre Project










    Work Statement


    Put together the segments that look like not so remarkable, such as the seemingly subtle preparation before the performance, the pause during the performance and simply looking at each other, to structure a not so amazing performance. We are waiting for a wonderful ‘show’, but the wonderful show has already begun.