• Exhibition Dates: 2021.04.17 – 07.25
    Exhibition Location: Power Station of Art, Shanghai, china
    Exhibited Works: performances, Painting, videos, installations .
    Live performance
    38'53", PAL, 1920 x 1080, 有声 sound, 彩色 color
    类型 Type
    剧场/单频道录像 Theatre / Single-channel video
    视频版本 Video File Version
    展览版本 Exhibition Copy
    系列 Series
    美术馆剧场计划 Museum-Theatre Project
    在桂花寻去月轮移I 系列作品中,作品主线引用了中国神话怪谈的一些片段,将其组合改写为新的故事。艺术家在其中融入了个人记忆,尤其是与母亲相关的日常生活片段,借用剪纸、影像、装置和表演,创造出一个现实与梦境、怪谈和记忆交织的世界,通过回溯自身先天性唇腭裂所造成的口腔发音问题,以及自己教授母亲学习汉字、拼音的发声练习等往事,戴陈连重现了家庭记忆和母亲曾居住过的水乡的生活方式,这些语言、声音、画面交错于同一个时空,反复重现。
    Work Statement
    The core of the work quotes fragments of Chinese ghost stories, recombining them into new stories, and interweaving stylized personal memories with fragments of a mother’s daily life. Silhouetle images, videos, installations and performances are used to create a world of reality and dreams, ghost stories and memories, through oral pronunciation problems formed by the artist with congenital cleft lip and palate, while the artist teaches his mother vocal exercises in learning Chinese characters and pinyin. The work connects the family memory and the lifestyle of the water village, so that language, sound and images are interthined to form one time and space.